Why Assess.Health?

Assess.Health is a great HRA. Compared to other HRAs, Assess.Health offers a more intuitive questionnaire that evolves as you answer questions. Our branching logic technology provides an effective and personalized approach for our customers, while our robust database of demographic information and epidemiological insights empowers us to tailor reports with discerning and constructive feedback. With Assess.Health, we are committed to delivering a personalized, results-driven action plan to each customer — a defined and streamlined approach to improving health and reducing risk. 

How Assess.Health Works

Assess.Health uses statistics of mortality risks for individuals that share demographic markers and lifestyle choices to introduce the concepts of Risk Age and Target Age. The results provide a clear, defined goal for your users – a path toward improving their health

Our Software:

Our clients include patients, healthcare providers and organizations, state and local governments, businesses and service groups. At Assess.Health, we pride ourselves on offering completely customizable solutions tailored to match the individual needs and workflows of each of our clients. Our  revolutionary software operates as a cloud service, allowing us to regularly update our algorithms with the latest data from the CDC and other organizations. This integration empowers our HRA by combining the most relevant, up-to-date information with a comprehensive survey to produce actionable, informed direction and advice.

Our customers are able to experience Assess.Health in two ways. The first allows them to create and access their accounts to track progress and view their reports via an online portal. This portal also allows our users to easily connect with providers in their network in order to share their progress. Alternatively, we also offer an easily integrable API that can connect our assessment and risk calculator to your existing website or software for a seamless transition. 

Let's talk about a solution for you or your company: