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Over 50% of all premature deaths can be linked to lifestyle and social factors.
-Adam Perzynski, Ph.D.

So, everyone should agree with Ben Franklin’s quote that “an ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure”. The Assess.Health health risk assessment (HRA) is that ounce. A good HRA can help you identify risk factors that may impact your health, like flying kites during lightning storms. An accurate and helpful HRA combines data from many reliable sources with your responses to create a tailored action plan for reducing health risk factors.

Additionally, an HRA can help you lead a longer and healthier life by drawing connections between your lifestyle and related risk factors. Are you eating enough vegetables? Are you getting enough exercise? Are you still smoking? Are you getting enough and the right type of sleep? Your answers will then be run through our award-winning risk algorithm that also considers parameters such as body measurements (like height and weight) and laboratory values (like blood pressure and cholesterol levels) to better understand your risk of becoming ill or dying from heart and vascular diseases, cancers and other conditions. HRAs can provide valuable feedback on how to proactively reduce these risks for a longer and healthier life.

Why Assess.Health?

Compared to other HRAs, Assess.Health offers a more intuitive questionnaire that evolves as you answer.

branching logic

If you answer that you’ve never smoked, the next question won’t be “How many cigarettes do you smoke each day?”.  You’ll only be asked questions that pertain to your health.

Data-Driven Feedback

Your personalized health report will be generated using a robust database of demographic and epidemiological information. 

Take Action

Your health report will have suggestions you can start to work on immediately.  Start reducing your risks and improving your health today.

Start living a healthier life today.

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